A brief Historic :

Krav Maga was born from the need of history : in the 30’s, Imi Lichtenfeld, son of a police officer and keen sportsman summarized the self-defense techniques from the Judo, wrestle and boxing to create a frighteningly efficient and simple Close Combat system.

Krav Maga on battlefields

After the WWII, regional conflicts fostered the Krav Maga Outbreak as a fully-fledged Combat system. The goal: survive at all cost by practicing bare hands combat against bladed weapon and even firearm.

 Entraînement militaire de krav maga

Krav Maga on the tatami mats

In 1964, Imi Lichtenfeld opens a first school. Since the 80’s, Krav Maga went international. When Imi Lichenfeld passes away, the federation that was united until then splits in multiples branches with different orientations.

Advanced Krav Maga System: a decisive evolution

In 2010, the Advanced Krav Maga Systems (AKMS) is created. The original Krav Maga is enriched by techniques and methods proven by field professionals like police officer and Close protection officer. They provide knowledge in various domains like violence control and self-defense against bladed weapon and firearm.

The AKMS stands out for its constant scalability: each technique is challenged and only the more efficient are kept.
The Physical preparation is intense and the psychological preparation is stimulated by real life stimulation.

Katal Defense System: catalyst of defense techniques

In the line of the AKMS, the Katal synthesized the self-defense and self-protection techniques for an optimum efficiency.

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