The Katal in companies

Companies are facing numerous challenges. A good cohesion between the different teams and departments is essential. In this context, it’s important to reinforce the link between the staff members by putting forward team spirit..

Team Building

This is where the Katal becomes useful to your company by proposing team buildings helping your team to further their bonds and reach common goals..

The Katal focus its training on surpassing oneself and situation management thanks to a serious pedagogy, playful and physical accessible to all. The proposed technics are efficient, simple to use and based on concrete and common scenarios. This is the perfect opportunity to ally the improvement of your employees personal and professional skill improvement.

The Formulas

To be able to answer to your needs, we propose different formulas available everywhere in Belgium.

The « ANNUal »formula

The annual formula is perfect for a team building. It’s 4 hours long and can welcome between 10 to 200 persons.

the « weekly »or « monthly » formula

This formula allows your employee to make steady progress, to repeat technics so that it becomes an automatism but also to practice a regular physical activity. It can welcome from 10 to 30 person for 1 for the weekly formula and from 10 to 100 person for 2 hours for the monthly formula.

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