Close Combat

Close combat and Advanced Krav Maga: A survival School

Close Combat always existed. During antiquity, Hoplite the Greek already equipped himself for close combat with a short blade

More recently, hand-to-hand combat where common in the WWI’s trenches especially with the Bayonets.

During the WWII, closed combat was formalized by the English officer W.E Fairbairn.

Meanwhile, Imi Lichtenfed created the Krav Maga (literally translated by contact combat).

Close Combat and Advanced Krav Maga: natural body movements, simplicity and efficiency.

Close Combat and Advanced Krav Maga have the same goal: annihilated the threat as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Advance Krav Maga uses the natural body movements to ensure a quick learning and a maximal efficiency.

Each defense and attacks techniques are challenged on the field to perfect its adequacy.

nctive movements are encouraged but during the training it can be corrected to make it more efficient.

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